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Product Details
  • Size:  5677X3500X3402
  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  QINGONG
  • Model Number:  SD7
  • Weight: 16500.000 kg

SD7 bulldozer is 230 horsepower track-type dozer with elevated sprocket, power shift drive, semi-rigid suspended and hydraulic controls.

SD7-230 horsepower, elevated sprocket bulldozer integrate with modular design is easy to repair&maintenance, It relieves oil with difference pressure, the hydraulic system perfoms protecting environment and save enery with high working efficiency. Safety comfortable operation condition, electric monitoring and ROPS cabin with reliable entire quality, excellent service is your wise choosing.

It can be equipped with straight tilting blade, angle blade, coal pushing blade, U shape blade; single shank ripper, three shanks ripper; ROP,FOPS,forest defence cabin etc.. It is can ideal machine used in communication, oil field, power, mining etc. large earth moving program.

BullDozer SD7( high drive cat tech)


Main specifications

Operating weight(not including ripper)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------23800

Ripper weight---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3900

Ground pressure(without ripper)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------71.9kPa

Track center distance ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1980mm

Gradeability ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Latitude30 °   Transverse 25°

Ground clearance ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------404mm


Overall dimensions(L×W×H)  -------------------------------------5677×3500×3402(with straight tilting blade)

Diesel  engine  specifications

Model ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NT855-C280 (Cummins)

Rated speed------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2100 RPM

Flywheel power(speed at 2100 rpm) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------169 kw(230hp)

Min. Fuel Consumption  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------≤235(g/Kw.h)


Theory travel speed    (km/h)

1st gear forward 0-3.9                      1st  gear backward 0-4.8

2nd gear forward 0-6.5                      2nd gear backward 0-8.2

3rd gear forward 0-10.9                     3rd gear backward 0-13.2

Dozing operation rate(moving distance 40m)    350m3/h

Torque converter

Torque converter used in SD7 bulldozer is power separating hydraulic-mechanic type.

Transmission assembly

It integrates center drive, transmission and speed changing control valve into one component. It can be assembled or disassembled as a assembly or as a part. It is very convenient to service. Transmission is multi-stage planetary gear drive to realize modular assembling and disassembling. The shift can be changed among 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear forward or reverse rapidly, through multi-functional control valve.

Steering and braking clutch

Steering clutch and braking clutch are adjustment free, oil-type , multi-disc clutch. The braking clutch is pressed by spring, separated hydraulicly, constant meshed type. Steering clutch is hydraulic pressed, non-constant engaged clutch. The action of steering and braking is combined, operation manually to realize steering slowly, sharply and braking. The braking of entire machine can be realized through the pedal. Parking braking rod is designed to keep the undercarriage system in braking condition when starting the engine and guarantee the machine not to slip on slope when starting the engine.

Final drive

Final drive is two-stage planetary reduction gear mechanism. It is mounted at outside of steering and braking clutch. Combined sprocket segment is very convenient for assembling, disassembling and service.

Hydraulic system of the machine

It is composed of oil pump, transmission control valve, steering and braking control valve, sequence valve, relief valve at torque convertor outlet, filter and lines.

Main pump-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gear pump

Oil flow----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------160 L/min

Working pressure ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.1 MPa

Rops with air conditioner cab

The cab is hexagonal thin wall box-type structure. Glass is mounted at six sides with wide viewing area. Pulling and pushing glass is installed at back side. Air conditioner is top-mounted with functions of cooling and heating. The structure of Rop is rigid. It can protect the driver efficiently when the bulldozer is in special condition.

Implement hydraulic system

Implement hydraulic system can control lifting, lowing and tilting of the blade. It also can control lifting, lowing of the ripper. It mainly consists of oil pump, cylinder, inlet valve group diverter valve group, oil tank line and controlling parts.

Main pump ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ High pressure gear pump

Oil flow --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------194 L/min

System working pressure-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18.6 MPa

Left and right undercarriage system

The track is triangle shape. The sprocket is elevated. There are two idlers in front and at rear of the frame and seven track roller. Recoil spring and cylinder adjuster is mounted at the undercarriage. The rear end of undercarriage frame is supported on the pivot. The front end is articulated with the equalizer bar. Choosing different undercarriage system according to different implement. The customer is required can guarantee center gravity of the machine to be at best efficient position. Choosing different width of track shoe can ensure the bulldozer developing its optimum traction efficiency.

Maintenance filling capacity

Fuel tank --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 450L

Water tank of cooling system ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------118L

Camshaft box of the engine-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20L

Bevel gear case--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------150L

Implement oil tank--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100L

Pivot lubricating tank-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15L

Final drive ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15L

Optional implement and components    (*ordinary)


ARops with air conditioner cab   

BRops cab

CRops canopy

2)Front mounted implement

Astraight tilting blade      *

BAngle blade

CU-type blade

3)Rear mounted implement

Asingle shank ripper          

Bthree shanks ripper           

Cback drawing mechanism

4)Track shoe of undercarriage

Optional track shoe width

A510mm           B560mm    *

C660mm           D914mm

5)winch dozer used in forest, desert dozer, LGP dozer ,HW dozer can be chosen according to special requirements of customer.


  • Size:  5677X3500X3402
  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  QINGONG
  • Model Number:  SD7
  • Weight: 16500.000 kg
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